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What do Moroccans buy on the internet? 

Written by FDM

Online shopping is getting more and more popular in Morocco, according to the latest survey of the National Agency for the regulation of telecoms (ANRT). Among the most popular products online are clothes, sports goods, and accessories.

Moroccans are now used to the easy click. Indeed, e-commerce has increased about 21.3% between 2016 and 2018, as indicated by the survey of indicators of information and communication technologies (ICT), for 2018, published by the National Telecom Regulatory Agency (ANRT).

Results: 68.8% of Internet users bought clothes, sporting goods, and accessories online, 30.4% use the internet to pay only their bills (telephone, water, electricity), 29% set their sights on cosmetics, 28.5% use e-shopping for travel products (air tickets, accommodation, car rental, transport services, etc.) or 22.2% for furniture, 18.2% for video games for computers or consoles, 9.9% for the purchase of films, short-films or images, 9% for books, magazines or newspapers or 1.8% for medication.

The ANRT survey also recalled that WhatsApp is at the top of the most used social networks in Morocco. In total, 20.1 million people use social networks on a daily basis for 8 out of 10 internet users, especially those between 12 and 24 years old …