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Moroccan young woman gets qualified at Italy’s Top Chef with a Tajine recipe 

Written by FDM

The Tajine of Majda Nabaoui has seduced the taste buds of Top Chef Italy jury! 

Candidate on the TV show, this Italian of Moroccan decent has done honor to her roots by proposing a tajine at the end of a qualification test. Broadcasted on the NOVE channel, every Thursday night, the show is only at its second season.

By proposing a chicken tajine under her mother’s benevolent gaze, Majda won the challenge and was qualified to continue the adventure. Most grateful did the candidate feel that she shared a video of her win on her Facebook page. We could only wish her hard luck for what’s next!

برنامج تلفزيوني ايطالي للطبخ يتوج الطاجين المغربي❤البرنامج TOP CHEF يتم بثه مساء كل خميس على القناة التاسعة NOVE بمشاركة متسابقة مغربيةMajda Nabaoui

Publié par ‎مغاربة إيطاليا‎ sur samedi 14 octobre 2017