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Moroccan workers in Huelva: new recruits and improved conditions in 2019

Written by FDM

Moroccan seasonal workers in Huelva, southern Spain, have just been recruited. An operation followed closely ever since the scandal of Moroccan workers, last June, denouncing the sexual abuse inflicted by their employer.

7,500 Moroccans have just been recruited to cultivate the Spanish fields. New faces will join the 11,500 other workers who have already participated in this fruit picking operation. An announcement revealed by the Spanish newspaper Huelva Informacion , just months after the scandal of sexual abuse of which several Moroccan workers were victims.

But behind these horrific revelations and the publication at the same time of Chadia Arab’s book “Dames de fraises, doigts de fée”, it is also the working conditions and hiring criteria that have been denounced. Last November, new measures, including the right to medical coverage, were introduced.

Result: the Moroccan workers who start this new season, will receive a salary of 37 euros / day (or 400 dirhams) per six hours daily work and will have one day of rest per week, medical coverage, and support by the employer of the rent and transportation costs. On the other hand, they will have to pay water, electricity and gas charges (maximum € 1.90). The novelty too of this recruitment? The hiring of single women. So far, only housewives were recruited, as Chadia Arab pointed out in her book. The reason ? Ensure that seasonal workers return home ….