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Moroccan women digital leaders highlighted in the Womenpreneur Tour Film  

Written by FDM

Sana Afouaiz, the founder of the Womenpreneur Initiative, is taking us into a tour with the collaboration of Sanad Entrepreneurship Academy to highlight women tech entrepreneurs in Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan.

Autonomy, empowerment and female leadership in the fight against patriarchy has inevitably taken a digital turn. Sana Afouaiz, the founder of the Womenpreneur Initiative which fights to promote the positive impact of women in the ecosystem, has understood this.

Today, she presents her documentary Womenpreneur Tour Film in which she interviews women in the field of Tech in Morocco, Tunisia, and Jordan with the aim to inspire young girls to promote the place of women in this sector, and thus in the economy. As it turns out that their creativity and their capacity for innovation are simply a source of economic and social progress. A film to discover on YouTube (below).