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Moroccan wedding dance video become viral

Written by FDM

Wedding choreagraphies are the new hype as it’s not uncommon these days to stumble upon a video  of the newlyweds’ first dance on social networks.

It’s with a rather original theme that a Moroccan young couple chose to hit the dancefloor this time. In a well orchestrated choreography mixing international, Moroccan, Arabic and Indian music, the , newlyweds, joined by their friends, put on a show for more than 6 minutes in front of a full wedding venue seemingly enjoying the performance.

The video became viral in a matter of few hours with 345k views and 4k shares in less than 24 hours.

Chorégraphie innovative lors d'un mariage marocain !

Mariage marocain Original… 😯😯😯

Publié par Viral Morocco sur dimanche 6 août 2017