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Moroccan Team wins Three Awards at International Debate Competition in Japan

Written by FDM

Moroccan National Debate team brought  three awards back home at the 2017 Parliamentary Debate World Congress (PDAWC), held in Japan according to Morocco World News.


Parliamentary Debate Personnel Development Association (PDA) has organized the  second edition of PDAWC, which ran from January 20 to 22. And had Moroccan debate team, among others, fly to Japan to participate.

According to the same source, the debate team represented Morocco and Africa while competing against 15 other nations from Asia and Europe.

“Though Morocco lost to Italy in the semifinals, the two Moroccan debaters were considered the best among the English-speaking participants,” said Soufiane Choubani, head coach.

Ali Nadifi, 16, ranked 4th as best speaker out of 44 participants. He was also awarded a prize for the Top Five Points of Information, for his high skill in providing objections during a speech against the opponent. States the same source. The team also won the Best Culture Expo award for their presentation about Morocco.

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The PDA organizes the international debate competition to “promote parliamentary English in Japanese high schools” and represent a forum for cultural exchange, as reads their description in their Facebook page.