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Moroccan talented artist Nadia Chellaoui exhibition celebrates the human figure 

Motor village in Casablanca held the opening of Nadia Chellaoui’s exhibition, October 6th.

In the current artistic effervescence of Morocco, Nadia Chellaoui, nominated in October 2016, Ambassador in Morocco of Divine Academie Française des Arts, Sciences et Lettres, takes a prominent place and seizes hearts by her style and her audacious painting, an artistic research that is both intellectual and intuitive.

Nadia Chellaoui chose the human figure as a model of her work. Her pieces portray what betrays loneliness, perdition but also love, joy, happiness to be here, living and enjoying the unique experience of a human being. This season, Nadia stretched her talents beyond art to design handbags adorned with her trademark paintings, in the wide spectrum of colors. mixing blues, pinks, oranges and purple to highlight the contrast between light and dark tones.

Nadia Chellaoui Alaou Born on 17 March 1973 in Rabat is currently living and working in Casablanca. She has held a series of exhibitions at all four corners of the country and took part in collective exhibitions in Monaco and Milan.