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Moroccan Sofia Mountassir Billah wins oral argument contest in France

Written by FDM

Sofia El Mountassir Billah, a Moroccan student from Lyautey High School in Casablanca, won an oral argument contest at the Caen Memorial museum. She represented French high schools abroad in this cultural event.

Sofia Mountassir Billah was one of the 1,500 candidates in the pleadings Competition, but her arguments about the retrograded and humiliating view of women in some societies, resulting in rape and aggression, has received particular attention.

In her pleading, entitled « Silence, On Viole…! » Sofia also mentioned the rape of young girl on a bus in Casablanca, a case that had shocked the country this last summer of 2017 and made headlines in Morocco and elsewhere.

For Sofia Mountassir Billah, « it is through education that we can eradicate this scourge. To build a beautiful community, we must aim for the ideal, « she said.

A beautifully conducted pleading by the young woman, which allowed her to deservedly win this prestigious contest. Here is below the video of her remarkable plea.