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Moroccan Sahara among ‘World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018’

Written by FDM

The online travel agency Flight Network named the Moroccan Sahara as the best spot  “to sleep under the stars,” ranking 17th out of 50 destinations.

Another exceptional  landscape in Morocco has been recognized worldwide. The breathtaking Moroccan Sahara was awarded a spot on the prestigious “World’s Ultimate Bucket List for 2018 ” by Flight Network.

The travel  company has described it as “a land unlike any other” and insisted on spending the night: “When night falls let yourself be swept up by the night sky of the Sahara which is storied for its brightly lit stars. ”

“Without light pollution from man-made structures, the Sahara Desert offers a view of the universe incredibly unique to the area. Every wanderlust traveler who finds themselves under these stars champions the experience as the very best,” added the company.

“Stargazing will never be the same as the time spent in the Sahara,” concluded the Canadian agency, which ranked African safari as its number one experience on the bucket list.

According to the British daily newspaper the Telegraph, the Moroccan Sahara ranked among the world’s top 10 arid destinations for desert holidays and tours,  In 2015.