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 Moroccan Rizlen Zouak secures MMA win with knock out in 27 seconds

Written by FDM

The French-Moroccan Rizlen Zouak knocked out her rival Jacqualine Trosee in the first round in just 27 seconds of the Extreme Fighting Championship tournament (EFC 66). A victory that has been the talk of the town in the field.

There is no doubt Rizlane Zouak has a good career ahead of her. The former judo player is now in her third consecutive victory after defeating her opponent Jacqualine Trosee with a KO in just 27 seconds on December 16.

A great performance that the rising star of the women’s MMA, as described by the commentators of the Cage Warriors in June , equates to the hard work and the high quality coaching with people she thanked on her Facebook account.

Incroyable ouah je gagne en 27s par TKO je n’arrive pas à y croire. Je rentre victorieuse de mon combat , je suis sur…

Publié par Rizlen Zouak sur samedi 16 décembre 2017

This is especially a great achievement for Zouak considering that her first time ever competing in the MMA (mixed martial art) ring was barely 6 months ago!

Rizlen Zouak 27 SECONDS TKO!

ڤيديو : المغربية غزلان زواق تطيح بخصمتها الجنوب إفريقية جاكلين تروزي بالضربة القاضية بعد مرور 27 ثانية فقط من نزالهما ضمن أمسية منظمة EFC للفنون القتالية المختلطة 🇲🇦️️🥊

Publié par ‎AlmarssadSports مرصد الرياضة المغربية‎ sur samedi 16 décembre 2017