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Moroccan researcher Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane discovers new meteorite

Written by FDM

Two weeks ago, Pr. Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane, geochemist and researcher in the field of meteorites and planetology has conducted a successful expedition in the southern region by Boukraa.  

The Moroccan scientist has indeed discovered, following extensive research with her team of students, the last meteorite fall observed in Morocco and specifically west of Gueltat Zemmour.

Several small pieces of this extraterrestrial rock that comes from the asteroid belt between orbits of Mars and Jupiter, promise to reveal even more secrets to scientists regarding the history and composition of our solar system or simply to respond to certain legitimate questions that we ask ourselves as humans on Earth.

Professor Chennaoui must now carry out numerous analyzes and proceed to the nomenclature of this meteorite. She has the merit of working and campaigning for Moroccan names to be attributed to the various discoveries that take place on our soil. Thus, all the last meteorite falls observed in Morocco, carry thanks to her works, names of Moroccan places.

Professor Chennaoui is not at her first discovery. Indeed, she has studied and classified many Moroccan meteorites.  One in particular was the “Tissint ” meteorite , considered by the scientific community as the fifth observed fall of Martian meteorites in the world.

This pleasant woman, frail in appearance, with a keen eye illuminated by scientific curiosity and rigor, mother of three children, is considered by the scientific community as one of the world’s great researchers in the field of Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences. Professor at the Hassan II University of Casablanca, she is also the director of GAIA Laboratory, coordinator of the Centre of Research on Geo-ressources and Environment of the same university, and permanent member of the “Meteoritical Society”. In recognition of her work, her name, “Chennaoui” was given to an asteroid in November 2017.