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Moroccan poet Wafae El Amrani honored in Abu Dhabi

Written by FDM

The Emirates Writers Union held a tribute evening on May 14 in Abu Dhabi to the Moroccan poet Wafae El Amrani.

Wafae El Amrani in the spotlight in Abu Dhabi. The Emirates Writers Union has set up a tribute evening in the presence of teachers, academics, poets, creators, journalists and members of the Moroccan community residing in this Gulf country.

An evening during which the artist, who is also professor-researcher and diplomat, recited several of her poems, before emphasizing that in a conjuncture and a world filled with conflict, hatred, destruction, obscurantism and terrorism the poet has no alternative but to adopt a reaction full of hope with a spark imbued with prettiness and aesthetics.

Meantime, the president of the Emirates Writers Union, Habib Sayegh assured that the collections of Wafae El Amrani persists in time, while stating that the poet is both a member of the Emirates Writers Union and the Moroccan Writers Union, slightly contributing, to the strengthening of cultural relations between the two countries.