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Moroccan parachuting champion Malika Lahmar dies in training accident

Written by FDM

Moroccan parachuting champion Malika Lahmar, a member of the women’s team of the Royal Armed Forces First Parachute Infantry Brigade, died on Wednesday in a fatal fall.

The talented 31 years-old, died in an accident during training to prepare for her participation in an international competition, reported the Alyaoum24 website . She had won many titles including a gold medal at the 2019 International Army Games in China.

With her parachutist and sky jumper certificate in her pocket, Lahmar joined the Moroccan women’s national military team with which she won many titles, before joining the parachutist corps of the Royal Armed Forces in 2009. The sergeant was very proud to represent her country in international competitions, going so far as to take up the challenge of a jump at an altitude of almost 4,000 meters.

“Originally from Tifelt, Malika joined the Royal Armed Forces Parachute Infantry Brigade over 10 years ago, just after graduating from high school. From the outset, she was encouraged by military executives throughout her career, in particular to obtain her certification and her ski jump parachute,” wrote the MAP in March 2020.

“The confidence and experience of her predecessors were not insignificant comforting factors, especially since the 1st Parachute Infantry Brigade adopts advanced equipment in the field of aviation and parachuting. The young parachutist quickly overcame the concerns of her early days to move forward with determination in her military career, confirming her desire to participate in various sporting events, for which she will devote hours of preparation and training,” the media continued.

Originally from Tifelt, Malika Lahmar cultivated a completely different passion for Moroccan cuisine, stressing that she comes from a region renowned for its delicious gastronomy.

May her soul rest in peace.