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Moroccan painter Saâd Hassani’s solo exhibition at Loft Art Gallery

Written by FDM

Loft Art Gallery is hosting the solo exhibition of the Moroccan painter Saâd Hassani from December 10th, 2019 to January 11th, 2020.

For this solo exhibition held at Loft Art Gallery, the works show in a more content format the vital gestures already present in its previous Chants de Nuit collection.

The highlight of this solo collection is “the movement obtained by a succession of pictorial layers of which the artist has made his singularity.” It is offering, “at first sight, the physical presence of the work of art in its immediacy”. The gallery said in a statement.

“Here, painting dominates and the power of abstraction is brought to its climax, exalting the creative force of the artist.” they continued.

Early on, Saâd Hassani was part of influential circles of the art world both in Morocco and Europe. Ever since he started, at the age of 18, many exhibitions were devoted to him.

Throughout his career, Saâd Hassani develops a pictorial touch of his own according to the technique of erasure, by a stratum of colors that add to each other removing a pattern to reveal another.

Saâd Hassani’s solo show at Loft Art Gallery 13 Rue El Kaïssi, Casablanca, from December 10th, 2019 to January 11th, 2020.