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Moroccan mountaineer Bouchra Baibanou committed to inspire the youth

Written by FDM

After having conquered her 7th summit last December, Mont Vinson (4,892m), mountaineer Bouchra Baibanou wishes to inspire youngsters. Apparently, she wants to prepare the next generation and push the girls to overcome their limits.  

On December 16, the mountaineer reached the highest peak in Antarctica, Mount Vinson (4,892m). Result: she has conquered 7 summits and becomes the first Moroccan to achieve this feat. A huge challenge for less than 400 people around the world! A pride for this Moroccan who chained the mountains since 2011, but who is sure not to quick anytime soon.

Shortly after catching her breath, the woman with steel mind announces, January 10 in a press conference, that she intends to support the youth. “Last summer, when I was the president of the women’s sports commission within the Royal Moroccan Federation of Ski and Mountain Sports, I thought it was now time to think about preparing the next generation”, she said.

Bouchra Baibanou then set up a project: climbing the highest mount of Morocco and North Africa, namely Mount Toubkal (4,167 m) with girls aged between 14 and 18 years-old. “Some were members of our clubs, others were from rural areas,” she recalls. Their common point? They love to walk.

“The expedition was a success, that’s why I put all my energy to organize a second one next summer! I also plan to do other mountains with these youngsters , she smiles. I hope they become aware of their gift and their ability to go beyond boundaries. Last summer, I explained to these young girls that with a lot of perseverance and determination, we can achieve the goal set, which will help them see their future as well . ”