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Moroccan military hospital deployed in Beirut offers more than 3,200 medical services

Written by FDM

The military field hospital, deployed under the High Instructions of King Mohammed VI in Beirut, has thus far provided 3,240 medical services for the benefit of those affected by the tragic explosion in the port of Beirut.

Since the services of this medical structure launched on August 10, roughly 1,435 people have benefited from the services provided by the hospital staff by receiving treatment, examinations, and medical services covering various specialties. Since its deployment, the military hospital has seen a high influx, said the director of the field hospital, Professor ChekKar Kacem, adding that the medical staff ensures to provide patients of all nationalities with various medical services in many specialties, but also other services such as carrying out medical analyzes and distributing medicines.

The field hospital houses an operating facility, hospitalization, radiology and sterilization units, a laboratory, a pharmacy and sanitary facilities, administrative and logistical. It is made up of 150 people, including 45 doctors from various specialties (resuscitators, surgeons, traumatologists, ENT, ophthalmologists, burn treatment, neurosurgeons, pediatricians, pharmacists), as well as specialized nurses and support elements.

As a reminder, King Mohammed VI had given His High Instructions for sending emergency medical and humanitarian aid to Beirut struck by a strong explosion that killed at least 177 people and injured 6,000 others, dozens of people are still missing, including specialized nurses and support elements.

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