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Moroccan medical school students win SIMCUP international competition

Written by FDM

The Moroccan team of the faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Oujda won the SIMCUP international medical simulation competition, on October 14, in Prague (Czech Republic), facing teams composed of specialists in resuscitation and anesthesia. Morocco defeated France in the finals.

The Moroccan team has previously outperformed the United Kingdom in the semi-finals by taking first place in the first round of the competition, which was held in English. Several teams from Ireland, the Czech Republic and Brazil participated.

The team of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Oujda has already won the 3rd edition of the national SIMCUP held in Fez in July 2018.

During this medical exercise, students are faced with a real but simulated emergency, with the educational goal of taking control over the situation without endangering the patient.

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