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 Moroccan Laila Benhalima hails “Women’s Liberation” in an exhibition in Brussels

Written by FDM

Moroccan artist Laila Benhalima signs an ode to the emancipation of women. She has just inaugurated, this July 10 in Brussels, an exhibition called “Libération féminine” which is to be discovered until July 21st.

70 works themed around the “women’s liberation” have just been hung on the Brussels art gallery Bog-art. A theme that is particularly dear to the heart of the artist Laila Benhalima who is a doctor in pharmacy, professional and personal coach, as well as artist since 1992.

The exhibition represents “the every day fight that leads women to establish a place of choice in society and to overcome the pitfalls facing them”. On the pantings, bodies in quasi-mystical trance float freely in space. To give life to them, Laila Benhalima uses a very bright palette of colors: from Majorelle blue to yellow, black, orange and red. “These are strong colors that illustrate the struggle of women for their liberation and emancipation,” she says.

In her paintings, she also pays tribute to Moroccan culture and crafts using signs and patterns found on carpets and embroidery, for example. “It’s a message of hope that I want to convey with my paintings,” she says. “A message to men and women to work together to find a way where the watchwords are balance, mutual respect, freedom, and well-being” .

(With MAP)