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Moroccan Jews and Muslims celebrate Mimouna at the Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Written by FDM

The Judeo-Moroccan Cultural Heritage Foundation organized on Sunday, April 28, the big annual evening, Lilt Mimouna, at the Musée du Judaisme Marocain (Museum of Moroccan Judaism).

The Mimouna is a festival that marks the end of the Passover, one of the most important festivals of the Jewish religion, in Morocco. Although specific to Moroccan Jews, it is so joyous and convivial that it has been adopted all over the world.

The Mimouna, a tradition dating back to the earliest times suggests that the first leaven back in a Jewish home shall be offered by Muslim friends. Formerly placed on a tray covered with flowers, the sourdough offered is accompanied by fish, milk, fresh butter and a large bunch of mint. The arrival of this plateau in the house gave rise to great festivities.

In Morocco, the doors of the houses remain open to all and at one point in the evening, the inhabitants leave their home to tour other Jewish homes and honor the party tables of each family friend.