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Moroccan filmmaker Hind Bensari wins Best International Documentary Award in Canada 

Written by FDM

Moroccan filmmaker Hind Bensari received “Best International Documentary Award” in Toronto for her documentary “We Could Be Heroes,” as part of the Toronto Film Festival hosted from April 27th to May the 6th.

The 2018 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival saw the documentary premiere of 31-year old producer and its recognition as Best International Feature Documentary making Hind Bensari the first African filmmaker to receive the distinction in Toronto.

Through her documentary, “We Could Be Heroes” Hind tells the story of two disabled childhood friends, Azzedine and Youssef, who were determined to participate to the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games despite their lack of means and formal training.

Youssef’s disability is more severe than Azzedine’s, but that doesn’t prevent Azzedine from trying to sculpt him into a Paralympic athlete. The story sheds light on the struggles of outcasts without means who hope to achieve the same rights and opportunities as ordinary athletes in Morocco.

«The vast gap between rich and poor has only widened over the years (in Morocco), as state institutions kept failing to provide decent public education and healthcare to its citizens» Hind Bensari told Yabiladi .

Born in Casablanca, Hind Bensari grew up in London and moved to Morocco after quitting her job in the UK. She directed her first documentary «475: Break the Silence» in 2014. Her work was crowd-funded and won critical acclaim from ‘The New York Times’ and ARD, Germany’s first television channel.


So proud of Hind Bensari from Morocco for winning the Best International Documentary Award for WE COULD BE HEROES at Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival! WE COULD BE HEROES is Hind's first feature film, and she is the first African filmmaker to win the Best International Documentary Award at HotDocs. Congratulations dearest Hind!!

Publiée par GreenHouse sur dimanche 6 mai 2018