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Moroccan female rapper in a festival celebrating women in Hip Hop in Belgium

Written by FDM

In the very male-dominated genre that is hip hop, where women all over the world, including Morocco, are slowly making their way into, the “International Women Hip Hop”  ( La Belle Hip Hop) festival is organizing its second edition on March 8th in light of International Women’s Day.

On this occasion, the event which takes place in Brussels, Belgium, invited eight rappers, from eight different countries including Morocco, India, the United States … Eight women among which is the young Moroccan rapper Sana Ouqassou, aka “Krtas Nssa “.

Krtas Nssa for festival La Belle Hip Hop ! 🇲🇦

🇲🇦 Morocco will be in da house! with Krtas Nssa with her fresh vibes 😍 at Festival La Belle Hip-Hop (soirée d'ouverture)

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“The Women Hip Hop festival will be the essential crossroads of dialogue, education, cultural development, coexistence, plurality and equal opportunities!”, The festival said in a statement. “This 8-day festival will not only have a positive impact at different scales but will certainly change the way we think and break so many stereotypes,” the source said.

10 DAYS! #LBHH18Hip-hop is a tough game in which only the best survive. From the early days of the male-dominated…

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For Fatima Elajmi, director of the festival, one of the goals of “The Women in Hip Hop” is to present  examples of successful women in the world of rap to the younger generation. “The idea is to bring to the stage a diversity of women, from different backgrounds who are very active in their countries, and can set an example to younger generations and show that hip hop is accessible to women and is universal, “she explains according to Huffpost Morocco.

To select the eight rappers of this edition, the director deppended on the “vibe” of each participant-both confirmed artists and beginners. “Every year, we will try to bring new faces but also stick with old ones because the purpose of this festival is also to create a network, so that artists can exchange and keep in touch,” says Fatima Elajmi.