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Moroccan female filmmakers awarded at the Carthage Film Days

Written by FDM

The 30th edition of the Carthage Film Festival (JCC) ended Saturday, November 2 in Tunis with an award ceremony rewarding many Moroccan directors!

Women were the main headliners at the 30th edition of Carthage Film Days (CGC), held from October 26 to November 2 in Tunis. Indeed, a panoply of awards went to Moroccan women directors.

The Cinéfilia prize was awarded to the film “Chebba” by Moroccan director Yasmine Ben Abdallah and the “HAKKA Distribution” and “Carthage for Promising Cinema” awards went to “Le dernier voyage” by Moroccan Latifa Ahrar.  The film “Adam” by director Mariam Touzani has also been awarded prizes for the best image and the best editing.

Other Moroccan films have also been screened at this 30th edition of the Carthage Film Days, such as Asmae El Moudir’s documentary film “Mensonge originel”. In total, 170 films were selected.

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