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Moroccan diva Samira Said visits an orphanage in Tangier

Written by FDM

The Moroccan superstar Samira Said, also known as the diva in the Arabe world  has paid a visit to an orphanage in Tangier last Friday.

سميرة سعيد تزور أطفال حضانة طنجة

سميرة سعيد تزور أطفال حضانة طنجة!خصت سميرة سعيد حضانة طنجة اليوم بزيارة، التقت فيها بالأطفال نزلاء الحضانة وتقاسمت معهم لحظات طفولية سمتها البراءة والعفوية..ورغبة منها في المكوث إلى جانب الأطفال بحضانة طنجة، تناولت وإياهم وجبة الغذاء..قبل أن تغادر المؤسسة ونزلائها من الأطفال المتخلى عنهم..

Publié par Samira Said sur vendredi 23 février 2018

While in Tangier to participate in CaftaNorte fashion show, Samira Said took advantage of her stay to visit an orphanage the day before the event. The singer thus provided a moment of happiness to the children at the orphanage by taking the time to have lunch with them.

An initiative applauded by Internet users who expressed their joy at seeing the diva back in Morocco.

Samira Said has a solid fan base from all around the world. She has recently received some grand gifts from her fans as a proof of their love and support. Including an effigy of herself carved by artist Ahmed Moussa, a great admirer of hers too.

A Precious Gift from my Lovers 😍❤ Photos Credit @norayoussef_photography

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