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 Moroccan Dance Crew Qualifies for the Dance World Cup

Written by FDM

“Les Etoiles de l’Atlas” (The Atlas Stars), a young Moroccan team of dancers qualified for the Dance World Cup, an international event that takes place every year for children.

The competition will take place from July 24 to 2 in San Sebastian, Spain. “This is the first time that Morocco has qualified for this event and that it is participating in it through these talented young sportswomen”, states a press release.

10 dancers aged 11 to 14 qualified: Mya El Allam, Lillya-Amélia Chakbub, Ines Domenech, Nada Brachmi, Sophia Marouani, Amel Bouzoubaa, Mia Bennani, Yasmine Bennis, Azriga Arwa, Amira Houmime. They practice modern jazz dance classes at the FOL in Casablanca and are coached by a recognized professional for several years, Inessa Silianova.

Les Etoiles de l’Atlas is an acrobatic modern dance team from FOL Maroc in Casablanca. The adventure began in 2017 for this team of champions.

Each year, more than 120,000 children from around the world, aged 4 to 25, take part in the playoffs for the Dance World Cup (DWC)  in their country.