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Moroccan call to protect children from abuse and sexual violence

Written by FDM

The Moroccan CDE (Rights of the Child Convention) Platform, representing 29 Moroccan civil society organizations engaged in child protection, calls for action against sexual violence and any other form of ill-treatment of children.

As in many countries, the Covid-19 health crisis in Morocco has unveiled the existence of major challenges in the protection of children against violence and sexual abuse which constitute a violation of children’s rights, explains, in a press release, the Platform CDE (Rights of the Child Convention). It thus launches an appeal to protect children against sexual violence and any other form of mistreatment.

In Morocco, it is difficult to have an idea of the extent of this scourge “since the majority of cases are not reported”, as deplored by the platform, stating that ” isolation, feeling of shame, social pressure from the community, lack of awareness of the reporting system, and low level of trusting the justice system explain the silence of most victims/survivors and their relatives.  Even if Morocco is committed to the promotion and defense of children’s rights, the protection system still suffers from many flaws.

Also, the CDE Platform calls for an emergency action plan such as the activation of all measures and reforms for child protection as well as the mobilization of all institutional and non-institutional actors involved for the full and effective application of national and international legislation, in particular the Convention on Children’s rights which Morocco celebrated the 27th anniversary of its ratification on 21 June. It also calls for a reform of the laws and the judicial system for better protection of children victims of sexual violence – in particular article 486 of the Penal Code – of their families and of anyone witnessing violence.