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Moroccan Biology Professor Nominated for European Inventor Award

Adnane Remmal, a Moroccan researcher and biology professor, is nominated for 2017 European Inventor Award, europe’s highest distinction for inventors worldwide.

The European Patent Office (EPO) announced, on April 26, fifteen nominees to receive an honorary award through five categories: industry, research, non-EPO countries, small and medium-sized enterprises, and lifetimes achievement. They include global researchers, scientists, engineers and professors.

Professor Remmal is among those of the non-EPO countries category. In the video above, he explains his work on boosting antibiotics with essential oils and natural medicinal properties of plants. And how he discovered that the stimulated antibiotics are effective against multi-resistant bacteria, without causing side effects or contributing to the accumulation of resistance.

The 12th Annual European Inventor Award will take place June 15 in Venice.