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Moroccan athlete Sanaa Benhama wins gold medal at World Para Athletics

Written by FDM

Moroccan athlete Sanaa Benhama won the gold medal in the 1500m final at the World Para Athletics World Championships held in London from 14 to 23 July.

4 min 40 sec 40 / 100th, is the time it took, Sanaa Benhama, the new champion of the 1500 m to outclass her competitors in  the World Para Athletics. By winning the first place, the Moroccan brings back a gold medal to her team composed of a total of 14 athletes including Saida Amoudi, Nezha El Baraka, Hayat El Garaa and Youssra Karim.

Since 2008, Sanaa Benhama has won three gold medals at the Beijing Paralympic Games (100, 200 and 400m), two silver medals (100 and 200m) and one bronze medal (400m) at the world championships In New Zealand in 2011 and a gold medal (200m), one silver and one bronze (100m) at the world championship in France in 2013.

On the men’s side, Youssef Benibrahim won the gold medal for 5,000m Sunday 16 July in 14 mins 20 sec 69.