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Moroccan Association of Performing Arts Entrepreneurs presents its objectives

Written by FDM

The Association Marocaine des Entrepreneurs privés du Spectacle et des Arts Vivants (AMESVI) presented its program on Monday, October 15 at a conference in Casablanca.

Created in early 2018, the Moroccan Association of Private Entrepreneurs in the Performing Arts (AMESVI) brings together the main actors of the Moroccan cultural industry: entrepreneurs of live shows in all fields (humor, music, theater, young audience) and in all professions (production and distribution of shows, booking of artists, festivals organization, programming of theaters, realization of artistic residency, etc.). The members of AMESVI represent to date more than 1000 shows for all public.

AMESVI’s first aim  is to represent the entire profession within the public authorities and bodies concerned and to make its voice heard. AMESVI intends to defend the interests of the sector and assert its weight in the national economy.

In this sense, the association has joined the Federation of Cultural and Creative Industries of the CGEM, and intends to participate henceforth in various exchanges to be a credible interlocutor for all spheres and professions that revolve around the world of arts and entertainment.

AMESVI also aims to provide a solid framework for the development of the Moroccan cultural industry. The association wishes to introduce better regulation within this market, with a view to professionalizing practices, creating more jobs, participating in human development and contributing to territorial attractiveness.

It also promotes training and experience sharing among all actors and the transmission of knowledge to young people. In addition, the association is an interface between the producers, the public authorities and the artists, constituting a force of proposal with the different Ministries (Culture, Finance, Moroccans abroad, Interior …), the local authorities and all organisms closely or indirectly related to culture.

Finally, AMESVI is willing to contribute fully to the development of arts and entertainment in all regions of Morocco. As a means of opening up, with the support of municipalities and local and national institutions. Also, the association wishes to advance the cultural offer of the country and to “boost” the productive capacity of producers.