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Moroccan artists in Forbes’s top 100 Arab celebrities list

Written by FDM

Forbes has released on Wednesday its top 100 Arab celebrities list in the Middle East and North Africa region based on their years of activity in the industry, their influence and number of subscribers in social networks.

Morocco has done well with four representations, but wasn’t able to reach the Top 10. Egypt, meanwhile, affirms its position as cultural leader of the region with 45 performances, the first position held by the superstar Amr Diab.

The latter has 30.26 million subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and has more than three decades of music career. He has been the muse of several major brands, such as Pepsi and Vodaphone, and has set up his own online store « Amr Diab World ».

It is only further, in the 24th position that Morocco appears on the cultural scene of the region with the singer Samira Said, which has more than 8.3 million subscribers on social networks. The interpreter of Youm Wara Youm has, nevertheless, nearly forty years of career in the music industry. Morocco was also represented by its new generation of singers with Asmaa Lamnawar in 70th position, Abd El Fattah Grini in 86th position, and finally Shatha Hassoun in 89th position.

Lebanese singers Nancy Ajram and Elissa rank second and third with respectively 48.14 and 43.48 million subscribers on social networks. Tunisia also has four representations thanks to singer Saber Al Rubai in 20th place, who has accumulated more than 30 years of career, and actresses Hend Sabry and Dorra Zarrouk, as well as singer Latifa.

Meantime, Algeria was only represented this year by Cheb Khaled in 39th place with 5.39 million subscribers on social networks and more than 40 years of success around the world.

The music industry is proving to be the most popular in the MENA region with a majority of singers in the ranking.