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Moroccan artist, Mahi Binebine, exhibition against fanaticism and confinement

Written by FDM

On April 27, 2017, the new space called “Abla Abadou galerie” opened its doors in Rabat with the signature of the last novel by Mahi Binebine and its monumental works that will remain exposed until August 27.

Silhouettes on the go, bodies curled up on themselves, curved backs, trampled men … the works of Mahi Binebine denounce above all the fanaticism, the confinement and the absence of freedom. So many human tragedies that made the artist’s signature in his first exhibition since 1997 titled: “Mémoire en mouvements”.

Other than presenting his works at the gallery, the artist took the opportunity  to sign his latest novel, “Le fou du roi” (the fool of the King): a narrative truffled with episodes which immerse us into the intimacy of the late King Hassan II.

This mixture of literature, painting, drawing and sculpture that made the notoriety of Mahi Binebine fits in the spirit of the new gallery.