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Moroccan artist Adil Kourkouni exhibition questions our own quest for identity

Espace Think Art in Casablanca held yesterday, September 19th, the first solo exhibition of Moroccan artist Adil Kourkouni entitled « Autofiction ».

The Alliances Foundation held a public meeting yesterday to discover the latest edition of LCC program inviting them to immerse themselves in the creative universe of Adil Kourkouni. Through « Autofiction », the artists intends to put on the public’s agenda the evil effects of social relations subjected to the control of communication intelligence.

As an article by LEconomist put it, the exhibition questions our own quest for identity in a society that takes us away from our real potentialities. The process of creating of Adil Kourkouni consists of sculpting medical blisters giving them a human face expression. The result looks like a mask that hides an emotion, identity or even a reality. (Photographs above).

Initially launched under the name « La Chambre Claire », this project initiated by The Alliances Foundation in 2013 returns under the name LCC program for its 5th edition. The biannual event aims, according to the organization, to support emerging African photography with an innovative program by means of an alternative approach to that of the art market.