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Moroccan actresses united for breast cancer campaign

Written by FDM

In light of pink October, dedicated to incite women to do cancer screenings, the association “Les amis du ruban rose” has introduced seven Moroccan actresses to its cause. On Facebook, Latifa Cherif, president of the association explains that screening can save lives. Videos.

Launched on October 1st, this awareness campaign for breast cancer screening brought together actresses Samia Akariou, Nora Skali, Meryem Zaimi, Saadia Ladib, Hind Saadidi, Mouna Fettou and Saadia Azgoun, all of whom were photographed by Mekki Kadiri .

Campagne de sensibilisation à l'occasion d'octobre rose .Merci à nos grandes artistes pour leur très beau geste :-…

Publiée par Les amis du ruban rose sur Lundi 1 octobre 2018

Latifa Cherif, president of the association did not hesitate to share her personal experience to invite women to consult and not to remain in denial, “the proof is that the screening saved my life,” she explained.

“Life is not waiting for thunderstorms to pass but learning to dance in the rain”, so begins the awareness video launched by the association “Les amis du ruban rose” (Friends of the Pink Ribbon). Dr. Nawfal Mamou, oncologist, also gives his expert opinion explaining that, today, it is quite possible to follow a treatment and cure breast cancer if it is detected in time.

According to him, the majority of cancer cases that are diagnosed early, don’t need to go through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. A video that is reassuring. Note, however, that at age 45, mammography is recommended once a year to prevent breast cancer.