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Moroccan actress Mariam Hussein sentenced to six months in jail   

Written by FDM

Kuwait based actress Mariam Hussein, of Moroccan decent, was sentenced to 6 months in jail with hard labor and a fine of 5000 Kuwaiti dinars.

The artist of Moroccan origin was sentenced in absentia in a libel lawsuit according to the weekly Al Ousboue Assahafi, because she is currently in Dubai, her latest Snapchat videos confirm that.

The reason behind her sentence is believed to be a video posted two years ago where she said that she has “no respect for Kuwaiti actor Hussein Al-Mansour and would not cooperate with him”.
The court has thus convicted Hussein of defaming the Kuwaiti actor online in 2016, reported Al Rai.

A punishment that she suggests excessive. The actress has thus stated in a video that she intends to find a solution to this case. She also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the late Wiam Dahmani, Moroccan artist who has just passed away following a heart attack.