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More than 120,000 people at the Timitar Festival (photos) 

Aminux, Douzi, Babylone, Marema, Aywa, artists who knew how to prove themselves in their environment, and who set on fire, on July 6, the three stages of the Timitar Festival of Agadir. Highlights of successful shows and a simply conquered audience.

The third evening of the festival’s 15th edition had its fair share of surprises this July 6th. An exceptional program brought along 120,000 people scattered all over the Théâtre de Verdure, Al Wahda Square and Al Amal Square which alone has to count not less than 80,000 festival goers.

On this huge stage, four artists took turn, and not just any. The first, the Ahwach Argan troupe proudly bears the ancestral heritage of the Anti Atlas. On the menu: mesmerizing songs and melodies that transported the festival-goers to another world before immersing themselves in the world of the Hamid Inerzaf group, which occupies a special place in the hearts of the inhabitants of Souss and more generally among the Amazighs.

Of course, many also came to see two star artists live : Aminux and Douzi. Aminux, who has made a name for himself in the Moroccan R’N’B genre, is as touching as he is talented. His voice has left no one indifferent like that of Douzi who is one of the undeniable figures of raï. At each song sung, the public has succumbed.

DJ Sama ‘who is the first Palestinian woman also charmed the audience. Her electro, techno and house repertoire with strong Berlin accents made Al Amal square tremble.

Meantime on Al Wahda Square, the show was just as successful with the groups Aywa and Gabacho Morocco. And at the Théâtre de Verdure, the artists were simply magical. The Senegalese Marema capsized the hearts of festival-goers who even danced listening to her melodies with Senegalese, pop and rock sounds, not to mention the group Babylone who was eagerly awaited by an audience that did not miss a beat of this live performance. Clearly, the festival-goers of Agadir will remember  this evening for a long time.