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Miriem Bensalah Chaqroun decorated with the badge of Knight of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic

Written by FDM

Businesswoman Miriem Bensalah Chaqroun was admitted on Tuesday March 10 in Rabat as a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor of the French Republic.

This decoration was given to Mrs. Bensalah Chaqroun on behalf of the French President by the French Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco, Hélène Le Gal, during a ceremony attended by several Moroccan and French personalities from the political and business world.

Speaking on this occasion, the ambassador said she was delighted to decorate with the Legion of Honor “a great Moroccan lady and a business woman”, at a time when the world is celebrating International Women’s Rights Day.

She highlighted the exceptional career of Ms. Bensalah Chaqroun, CEO of the Holmarcom group and vice-president and general manager of Eaux Minérale d’Oulmès, noting that her talent and experience transcend borders.

In this regard, Ms. Le Gal recalled that in 2019, the Secretary-General of the United Nations chose her to join the Global Alliance of Investors for Sustainable Development, which brings together nearly 30 big bosses, in order to work for accelerating private sector investment in the field of sustainable development.

The ambassador did not fail to emphasize that the commitment that left an indelible mark in the career of Ms. Bensalah Chaqroun is none other than her position at the head of the General Confederation of Enterprises in Morocco, claiming that she is the first woman and the only woman so far to have assumed this responsibility.

For her part, Ms. Bensalah Chaqroun said she was honored with this decoration two days after International Women’s Rights Day.

“I appreciate the highly symbolic significance of this distinction”, she underlined, highlighting the privileged relations between Morocco and France.

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