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Mio brand alters the hashtag “Be a man” the right way

Written by FDM

The hashtag “Be a man” or  #كن_رجلا , is still stirring reactions. And some brands didn’t hesitate to jump on the bandwagon.  

While the debate around this hashtag continues to shake social networks, the household products company Mio, which has already caused a sensation during Ramadan with its ad featuring men performing household chores, has chosen to divert it in its own way:

كون راجل و تعاونو على الشقا ! #كن_رجلا

Publiée par Mio sur Lundi 23 juillet 2018

The image was posted on Facebook last July 23 and has been shared more than 3,000 times, while generating hundreds of comments. Aside from being part of a marketing plan, the post’s aim was to join a social debate about gender parity in general and the sharing of household tasks in particular, as Reda Lahmouid explained to HuffPost Morocco. He is the creative director of the agency Rapp Morocco, in charge of the communication of the brand.

While many netizens praised the company’s initiative, the post was not spared of some sexist comments questioning  the virility of those who agree to take part in household chores. “When a brand embarks on such a divisive debate, there is inevitably divergence,”  Reda Lahmouid, for whom these comments were predictable told HuffPost Morocco. “We prefer to retain the majority of the comments and positive feedback we received,” he said.