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Mio ad by RAPP Maroc wins Tilila Trophy

Written by Amal Asebriy

 RAPP Morocco media agency was announced the winner of ‘Tilila Trophy’ for the advancement of women’s image in ad campaigns at a ceremony held on October 10th in Casablanca.

Ad campaign by household detergents company Mio must have left an impression, not only on viewers, but also on Tilila Trophy’s jury composed of, Mohamed Sghir Janjar, anthropologist, Leila Rhiwi, representative of UN Women Maghreb, Abdel El Fakir, CEO of ONMT, Rabea Naciri, gender expert, Sonia Terrab, writer and director, Syrine Cherif, communication and advertising expert.  The company was awarded publicity campaign’s worth of 1 million dirhams on the group 2M.

The campaign was hailed by their advanced image of the Moroccan family who happily shares housework and promotes equality under the hashtag “let’s share the housework”.  Back in May 2018, the ad by Mio had made quite a sensation, especially coinciding with the beginning of Ramadan, representing a novel image of the Moroccan family.

An unusual sight indeed showing a selected group of men, representing all age ranges, doing domestic work, like the dishes and folding the laundry, with a male voice-over speaking words of appreciation to the female figure in their lives.

Among other contenders for the award was El Kef by Shems agency, which was also saluted for the portrayal of a modern image of women, and MDJS-Muay-Thai by Initiative Digital for shattering stereotypes of women in sports.

2M’s Committee for Parity and Diversity launched the first edition of the Tilila Trophy, to reward ad campaigns that promote values of gender equality while fighting against negative stereotypes developed for women.

نتعاونو على الشقا

مع ميو، نتعاونو على الشقا !

Publiée par Mio sur Jeudi 17 mai 2018