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Ministry of Justice calls for regularization of “Al Fatiha” marriages 

Written by FDM

On Tuesday, February 5, the transitional period for the registration of marriage proposals, as specified in Article 16 of the Family Code, will expire. The Ministry of Justice has just launched an appeal to citizens who have not yet legalized their marriage contract, to speed up applications with the competent court.

Citizens are invited to submit their “application for legalization of marriage before February 5 to preserve their rights and those of their children,” said the ministry in a statement on its official website opening the call to all parties concerned, civil societies and the media to take part in this campaign to encourage and stimulate Moroccan families.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Justice opened the way for a limited period of couples united by “Al Fatiha” in order to regularize their marriage before the family court. The Ministry also emphasized that the marriage contract is the only way to prove the legitimate union and thus preserves the rights of children.