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Ministry of Interior to regulate the distribution of donations

Written by FDM

All measures are taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Among these, the distribution of donations will be supervised by the competent authorities.

The state of health emergency was also an opportunity to demonstrate the tremendous solidarity and generosity of Moroccans. Many of our citizens have offered their help and contributions via social networks to relieve families in need. But this distribution of donations to the most disadvantaged sections of society is not without risk, therefore, the Ministry of Interior has given firm instructions to the walis and governors to supervise these operations.

Benefactors are thus called upon to make contact with the walis and governors of their respective cities and regions and to coordinate with them for the desired methods of distribution of this aid. Priority is given to the neediest families and those directly affected by the economic repercussions due to the pandemic.

In this same context, the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity specified in a press release that any person or entity wishing to make a contribution should make contact with the Ministries of the Interior and of Health.