Mille-feuille with prawns

Written by FDM

Do you like to put small dishes into big ones, and impress your darling? This is a delicious entry, quick to make but worthy of a Cordon Bleu.

(for 2 people)
● 2 sheets of pastilla ● 8 king prawns ● 4 leeks ● Juice of a lime ● 100 g of thick cream ● 50 cl of coconut milk ● Salt ● Pepper ● Fresh ginger ● 50 g of butter ● A little bit of oil


● Stir fry the leeks in the butter, salt, pepper and sprinkle with a little grated fresh ginger.
● Sear the prawns 2 minutes per side in oil. Dissect and cut 4 into small pieces. Leave the other 4 for decoration.
● Add prawns pieces to leek, lemon juice, cream, and coconut milk. Cook for a few minutes. Drain and reserve the sauce.
● Cut a dozen discs into the pastilla leaves, brush them with melted butter, and brown them in the oven. Lastly, arrange the millefeuille, alternating 2 discs of pastilla leaf with a little leek fondue.
● Decorate with the remaining 4 prawns. Serve immediately with the sauce separately.

Recipe by Amal, chef at miel & safran.