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Migration seen by Joana Choumali

Written by FDM

The Ivorian artist Joana Choumali presents until January 12th the exhibition “3134” at the Loft Art Gallery in Casablanca. A number that is far from trivial because it represents the distance between Abidjan-Casablanca and addresses the subject of migration and internal dialogues.

The Loft Art Gallery in Casablanca hosts the exhibition “3134” by Ivorian Joana Choumali. Behind this title, the artist who uses photography takes us into her conceptions of the world that revolves around migration because “3134” represents the distance separating Abidjan from Casablanca and also refers to the notion of journeys and inner dialogues in which Joana draws inspiration.

“My work is a testament to my time, my surroundings, myriad cultures, sub-cultures and phenomena that I observe, whether on my continent or outside,” she said in a statement. I really like to draw parallels between what brings humans closer than what divides them.”

Joana Choumali not only deals with Africa but also carries a universal message, a message of hope through her different series, as the gallery emphasizes, adding that the special place of Morocco in the heart of the artist makes of Casablanca a strong place to return to her work by presenting a large body of work that contains some of her most intimate ones.

Address: Loft Art Gallery, 13 rue el Kaissi at the Golden Triangle in Casablanca