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Meryem Hajri, first Moroccan professional footballer in Spanish league 

Written by FDM

Meryem Hajri is the first Moroccan professional footballer to play in the elite women’s league. Joining Sporting Huelva Since January 2018, a Spanish first division team, and has been renewed for another season.

Meryem Hajri masters football to perfection. She was recruited last January by the Sporting Huelva, a first division team, becoming the first professional Moroccan footballer in the Spanish league.

A little retrospective on the life of this exceptional athlete. Born in 1994, Meryem Hajri takes up the ball at a very young age in Casablanca. “I played every day with the boys in my neighborhood on the streets of our neighborhood,” she recalls. That’s how my passion for football was born.” Meryem Hajri was doing her thing when she was finally spotted by Wydad club before being approached by the Spanish club.

During the international football tournament COTIF 2017 held in Alcudia (Valencia), the Andalusian club learned about the young Moroccan’s sporting prowess. “We visualized at the club, the videos of her matches and decided unanimously to appeal to her services,” says Antonio Toledo, the coach of Sporting Huelva. And Meryem Hajri went on to say that ” wearing the Sporting Huelva jersey was a relevant decision “.

Since joining the Andalusian club, ” I have evolved in terms of discipline and technical maturity,” says Meryem Hajri. I feel that I can bring a lot to my club and I want to do it. I am very motivated . Indeed, ” Meryem shows a great physical presence, adds her coach. She is certainly shy but on the ground, she releases a great mental strength and her powerful balloon strikes are formidable.”

Sporting Huelva, which has hired the Moroccan player for a renewable six-month period, has renewed her for a new season. Antonio Toledo is very proud of his rookie. ” It’s a safe bet for the club. In a short time, she has evolved considerably and filled her shortcomings in tactical matters,” he said.

“To be the first Moroccan to play, at the age of 23, in a European professional championship is a great pride for me and for all members of my family. Certainly, I miss them, but it is to raise the colors of my country and that makes me proud and determined “. Said the young player.

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