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Meryem Bakouch honored at the Imouzzer Kandar People’s Film Festival

Written by FDM

Moroccan actress Meryem Bakouch was honored at 14th edition of Imouzzer Kandar People’s Film Festival in the opening event on Thursday night. MAP reports.

Alongside Algerian actor Youssef Shiri, Meryem Bakouch was put in the spotlight in celebration of her talent already acknowledged on the cinema scene as she managed to stand out for the quality of her performances.

The opening session of this edition, initiated by Imouzzer Kandar’s Cine-Club (CCI) in partnership with the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture (IRCAM), was marked by the screening of the Moroccan film  » Les loups ne dorment jamais » by Moroccan director Hicham Jebbari.

« The ICC has always proposed a diversified program combining shows, training, intellectual and artistic meetings and publications, » said the festival’s director, Youssef Grich, adding that the ICC has accumulated considerable experience in the field through the organization of this annual cinematographic event.

Mariam Bakouch counts to her credits, the series  » Koloub Tahiha » and « Allo Ibtisam » movie which was widely acclaimed by the Moroccan audience.