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Meryem Alaoui presents and signs “La vérite sort de la bouche du cheval” at Livremoi bookstore 

Written by FDM

Meryem Alaoui presented yesterday, September 5, her first novel “La vérite sort de la bouche du cheval” at the bookstore Livremoi in Casablanca. A large intrigued audience was present to learn more about the book.


Since its publication in France by Gallimard editions, the first novel by Meryem Alaoui aroused many interests and critics, for the most part, very positive. Written in first person, “La vérite sort de la bouche du cheval” stars Jmiaa, a prostitute with a strong personality and a sharp mind, who involuntarily stepped into the world of prostitution where she traces her path with no fear or concern.

The young woman describes with humor and a lot of accuracy her life on a daily basis, but also all the quirks of society, violence, corruption, delinquency, the world of pimps, etc. Written without taboo and without false morality, the novel reveals the trajectory of an endearing woman who paves her path.

In the running for the Stanislas Prize, which will take place on September 8th during the 40th edition of the Livre sur la Place à Nancy and also in the running for the 17th edition of the Prix Fnac, awarded on September 14th in Paris, this first novel by Meryem Alaoui will surely spark the talks.

“La vérite sort de la bouche du cheval” by Meryem Alaoui, Ed. Gallimard, 260 DH.