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Meriam Amjoune and Chef Omar named Child Rights Defenders of UNICEF Morocco

Written by FDM

In light of the World Children’s Day on November 20, UNICEF in Morocco has appointed Meriam Amjoune and Omar Archane, better known under the name of Chef Omar, as young human rights defenders.  

Meriam Amjoune and Chef Omar are the new defenders of children’s rights. An announcement made by UNICEF in Morocco a few days before World Children’s Day on November 20.

” I am very proud to be involved with UNICEF in Morocco to make the voices of children heard, ” Meriam Amjoune said in a statement to UNICEF. I want my commitment to make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable children. I will work to promote the culture of children’s rights ”.

This appointment confirms the commitment of these two “champions” for the promotion of children’s rights since the outbreak of the Covid19 crisis in Morocco, as explained by the UNICEF, specifying that Omar Archane and Meriam Amjoune were distinguished this year by their strong involvement in various initiatives of UNICEF in Morocco including the contribution to the “Childhood Appeal” launched in April by UNICEF, the multiple participations in the “Rendez-vous de UNICEF”, a communication campaign which had mobilized several celebrities and which aimed to promote the resilience of children and their families particularly during the period of confinement, the campaign “#VivreEnSafeAvecCovid19” And the brand new “Faces and Stories” campaign to be launched on November 20. “I tell every child must never give in to any difficulty, supported, for his part, Omar Arshan. Children must believe in themselves and in their abilities. Through my action with UNICEF, I wish to spread the message that each child has skills and potential that must be preserved and developed. Each child is different from the other but all must enjoy all their rights ”.