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Mentor’Elles publishes the “Guide du mentoring”

Written by FDM

The Mentor’elles association, aimed at promoting female empowerment, has officially launched its mentoring guide, an initiative that aims to raise awareness of the role and importance of Mentoring as a career accelerator, a vector for equal opportunities. and for the promotion of diversity.

The result of more than 5 years of experience in the field, and dedication to the general public, the mentoring guide initiated by Mentor’Elles aims to democratize access to this support process for all those who wish to create change in their personal and professional life. The document notably includes good practices and lessons learned from feedback from 4 promotions of Mentors and Mentees.

Held online for health reasons, the Guide’s launch event was an opportunity to review good practices, advice, and feedback from association members, and to strengthen the association’s work with an ecosystem of partners. “The Mentor’elles experience can be duplicated or scaled up in a multitude of contexts. This is the reason why we want to make this guide available to all those who wish to embark on a Mentoring adventure and to create change in their professional lives”, explains Zineb Baiz El Kabbaj, Founder and President of the association.”

The event was also an opportunity to launch the fifth season of mentoring for the benefit of the members of the association. It was also marked by the formalization of collaborative partnerships with the Saham Foundation, the Inspiring Girls association, and the YNSPIRE space of Yasmine Signature.

The Guide is available for free download on the site: