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Melania Trump refuses her husband’s hand (again) 

Written by FDM

As with every official appearance of the Trump couple, Melania’s look and little gestures are closely examined and analyzed by the paparazzi and the press around the world. And as everyone might have already noticed, between Melania and Donald Trump, it’s not crazy love, it often happens that Melania refuses to hold hands or kiss her husband in public.

This is exactly what happened this Tuesday, April 24, while French and American presidential couples were posing in front of photographers. During the photo session, Donald Trump tries to reach out for his wife’s hand, but she refused to cooperate at first before she yielded against her will.

The following widespread short video sparked numerous reactions from netizens who were quick to catch the moment.

This is not the first time that Melania Trump refused her husband’s hand in public. She had the same reaction while in the presidential trip to Tel Aviv last year.