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Meknès among the best cities to visit in 2019 according to Lonely Planet

Written by FDM

For once, the city of Meknès is in the top 10 best cities to visit in 2019, says the famous travel guide “Lonely Planet”.

While Marrakech is the city that is regularly cited as “the place to see” in Morocco, for once, Meknès gets its fair share of recognition. The famous travel guide Lonely Planet has just released its ranking of the ten cities to visit in 2019 in which the imperial city is in 10th place.

“The notorious war-mongering sultan who moved Morocco’s capital to Meknès in 1672 would be turning in his grave if he knew how few visitors the city receives today compared with Fez and Marrakesh. ” reads the touristic guide, recalling the epic era of Sultan Moulay Ismaïl who made of Meknès an imperial city by bringing “stone and marble” from the palaces in Marrakech and Roman ruins of Volubilis, and by building the famous “thick-set fortifications that still encase the city,”.

With its giant subterranean stores and its magnificent door – Bab Mansour – which “outshine even the Blue Gate in Fez,” (Bab Boujloud), Meknes has enough to delight visitors, according to Lonely Planet.

The nine other cities to visit in 2019 according to Lonely Planet are, respectively, Copenhagen (Denmark), Shenzhen (China), Novi Sad (Serbia), Miami (United States), Kathmandu (Nepal), Mexico City (Mexico), Dakar (Senegal), Seattle (United States) and Zadar (Croatia).