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Meet the new Arab female superhero: Emara

Written by FDM

It’s not everyday that we get to see a female superhero. Let alone an Arab one. 22-year-old Emirati director Fatma Al Muhairi is on a mission to change this by creating her own cartoon show with a strong, female lead.

Emara: Emirates Hero, is the name of the five-episode cartoon by Fatma Al Muhairi. It shows Emirati superhero Emara fighting crime on the busy streets of the UAE. The cartoon, aimed at audiences 12 and above, follows 19-year-old Moza as she delves undercover and transforms into superhero Emara.

“Emara’s costume proudly has her wearing her sheilah, made up of colours from the UAE flag. I wanted Emara to dress modestly because I think that specific character, especially as a main character, is missing.” Fatma told Grazia.

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She adds: “I’ve seen a few hijabi characters in recent shows but never in the role of a main character and I’d really love to see a change in that. I’d like to see more Arab and Muslim representation from Hollywood and more hijabi representation from local shows.”

Born and raised in Dubai, Fatma grew up watching cartoons and noticed the lack of Arab representation. “I wanted to see myself in cartoon,” she explains.“I didn’t want my little cousins growing up with that same feeling of disconnect I had trying to find myself in my favorite shows. Emara is the kind of character I wanted growing up that I didn’t get to have.”

Very cool indeed.