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MBC5 ‘Hiya’ series deemed a success

Written by FDM

In record time, the MBC5 channel managed to attract a large number of viewers. The reason is simple: quality choices like the series “Hiya”.

The city of Casablanca serves as a backdrop for the events of the Hiya series which highlights a good number of Moroccan actors including Zineb Obid, Amine Naji, Rachid El Ouali, Hanane Ibrahimi, Ayoub El
Youssefi, Maryam Bakoush, Abdel Salam Bouhsini etc. not to mention the diva Samira Saïd.

The success of the series is due, among other things, to the fact that it brings together all the ingredients of a good television series, namely a well-written and well-crafted script that draws inspiration from reality, with multiple twists and turns while respecting the intelligence of the viewer and a successful casting that brings together well-known actors and promising young faces. The result is a drama series that hits home.